Eli Joteva is a Bulgarian-born inter-media artist and researcher currently working in Los Angeles. Her creative practice intersects a wide range of media: from temporal light and sound installations, photographic series, environmental sculptures to durational performances. Joteva received a B.A. in Fine Arts from USC Roski and is currently an M.F.A candidate at UCLA Design | Media Arts, where she studies how new imaging tools and biofeedback technologies can provoke embodied reflections of internal experiences. Her work extrapolates the ephemeral realms of human perception by amplifying the invisible and inaudible processes underneath conscious awareness. Joteva’s work has been exhibited as solo shows in North America, Europe and Australia.



University of California Los Angeles, MFA in Design | Media Arts  (candidate)                                  (2016-2018)
University of Southern California, BA in Fine Arts (focus in Intermedia)                                            (2010-2013)  Australian National University - Bachelor of Studio Art (Photomedia), Study Exchange Program              (2013)  Santa Monica College (Photography Department)                                                                            (2008-2010)  Cal State LA/ Los Angeles County High School for the Arts                                                            (2004-2008)

Selected Exhibitions:    

 Solo Exhibitions: 

 2017 - mnemoawari, UCLA Broad Art Center, LA USA                                                                      2016 - Inelimental, [a] cube contemporary, Sofia, Bulgaria                                                              2015 - Selected Sights, Atelieto, Sofia, Bulgaria                                                                                      2013 - Surrogate Signs, Microgallery ANU, Canberra, Australia                                                        2011 - See a ing Body, Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery, USC, Los Angeles, CA                              

Group Exhibitions:


              MFA FALL PREVIEW, UCLA, Los Angeles, US


 VOICES, Vivacom Art Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria                                                                                    Harmonies of Insight, Transfiguration Festival, Dolen village, Bulgaria                                            Attuned Entanglements, Night of Museums & Galleries, Plovdiv, Bulgaria                          GRAPHOTONS, Sound Trap, Plovdiv, Bulgaria                                                                                  Dark Spots, Light Thoughts, The Fridge & Xaspel, Sofia, Bulgaria                                          ATTUNED ENTANGLEMENTS, Underground Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria                                                Red Earth, Sofia Underground – International Performance Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria  


 fromAtoB, STUR Gallery, Braidwood, Australia                                                                          fromAtoB, SOHO, Sofia, Bulgaria                                                                                                    Water Tower Art Fest, Rubber Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria                                                   


 #Bombala 2, Foyer Gallery, Australian National University School of Art, Australia                                F-word, ANU Photo-space, Canberra, Australia                                                                          #Bombala, Queensland Center for Photography, Queensland, Australia                                            USC Annual Juried Student Show, Fischer Museum, Los Angeles, CA                                              Pop Up Addis, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia                                                                                                  Art School Anecdote, ANU School Of Art, Canberra City, Australia 


       …and the full scale model, Public Fiction, Highland Park, CA                                                                      [DIS] LOCATE / DIS [LOCATE], Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                                                   1 Video/1Minute, Superhighway Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, CA                                                          Stop Down, Fischer Museum Courtyard, Los Angeles, CA                                                                          Tandem, Freitagsküche, Frankfurt, Germany                                                                                               Tandem, 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica CA                                                                                      12 for 2012, The Salon at Clifton’s, Downtown Los Angeles, CA                                                                  A Woman’s World, The Salon at Cliffton’s, Downtown Los Angeles, CA                               Undergraduate Symposium, University of Southern California, CA                                                               Jackalope IV, The Mime, Echo Park, CA


  Hoodstock LA, La Tienda, Downtown LA, CA                                                                                         Smoke, Don’t Smoke, Bacchus, East LA, CA                                                 


  Technicolor Pandemic, NELA Art Walk, Juanita’s Café, Highland Park, CA                                       Santa Monica College Juried Photography Exhibition, Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery, CA 


  Spring Art Show, Santa Monica Airport-Studio 21,  CA                                                                         LACE Gallery Exhibit, Hollywood CA                                                          


  TRASH, Pasadena Armory Center for Art, Pasadena CA                                                                     Freeze Frame, Arclight Theater, Hollywood CA                                                                                       Spring Art Show, Santa Monica Airport Sherry Frumpkin Gallery, CA                       


  Concept Process, Armory Center for Art, Pasadena, CA                                                                           15 Minutes or Less, Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts, CA                            


  LACHSA at the Rose Café, Venice CA                                                                                                       Left at the Vending Machine, CSULA Fine Arts Gallery, CA                                                               Surfacing, CSULA Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                                          


           Heat Wave, CSULA Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                                                                                   Imagine, Luckman Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


 2013 - Discovery Scholar Finalist, University of Southern California                                                      2011 - Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery Exhibition Grant, University of Southern California            2008 - 2st place winner of Kathy Beth Kantor Photography Scholarship of $2,000 cash prize        2005 - 1st place winner of Kathy Beth Kantor Photography Scholarship totaling to $1,500 in photography equipment                                                                                   


  • SofiaLive, Voices                                                           (September, 2015)
  • Europost, Reality’s New Matrix                                               (June, 2014)
  • Политика, (issue#529), Bulgaria                                            (June, 2014)
  • Surrogate Signs, Joteva                                                           (June, 2013)
  • Art Monthly, Australia                                                               (May, 2013)
  • Huntertd5, Germany                                                              (Winter, 2012)
  • Jackalope IV, Los Angeles                                                     (Spring, 2011)
  • Jackalope III, Los Angeles                                                     (Spring, 2010)